On the hell that is moving.


I was supposed to / gonna post this whole thing about the pitfalls about being labelled as the MPDG (manic pixie dream girl) — even though I am, not one.

But then I remembered how I have to like, move apartments, which means I like, have to PACK, AGAIN, and then I curled into a ittie bittie ball and screamed and rocked and cried for an hour. 

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Terrific Lady Day

I’m not sure if you watch The League (you should). It’s like, well. It’s the best thing on television. It’s smart, it’s obnoxious, it actually has a lot more depth than you’d assume, and it’s the absolutely best thing if you’re not feeling great. 

It also has the best advice to men that I have frankly, ever seen. 

I now understand the appeal.

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