On the hell that is moving.


I was supposed to / gonna post this whole thing about the pitfalls about being labelled as the MPDG (manic pixie dream girl) — even though I am, not one.

But then I remembered how I have to like, move apartments, which means I like, have to PACK, AGAIN, and then I curled into a ittie bittie ball and screamed and rocked and cried for an hour. 

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Terrific Lady Day

I’m not sure if you watch The League (you should). It’s like, well. It’s the best thing on television. It’s smart, it’s obnoxious, it actually has a lot more depth than you’d assume, and it’s the absolutely best thing if you’re not feeling great. 

It also has the best advice to men that I have frankly, ever seen. 



Benny (as I affectionately call him because we’re really quite close now after our three hour long text conversation that was largely comprised of insights about the origins of the universe, preferences on British cheeses, and the smiling poop emoticon) picks me up at my house in the…

Not sure what this is. Other than AWESOME. 

This guy is like my favorite writer on the internet


He does recaps of television shows, or whatever, but also he’s brilliant.

Here’s the thing. You’re reading this, so probably you already know it, but one thing that is very hard to explain is why this kind of thing gets on my nerves. We are not conditioned to question things that feel good. So if you are a straight person, for example, who does not actively hate gay people, that feels good. You are not one of the bad guys, you are one of the good guys. Or, to look at another form of privilege (without necessarily equating them), if you’re not a racist — if you’ve given yourself the admissions test to Not Being A Racist and passed — then pretty much whatever you do is okay. If you do not harbor malice in your heart, it is true that you are doing pretty good.

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I love Jacob Clifton. This is one of the many reasons why. 

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